Welcome to Doggie Know

Doggie Know offers professional, one-on-one dog training services for dogs and their families in Franklin, Indiana, Johnson county, and surrounding areas.

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  1. “When we first got our puppy, Ralphie, he was bursting with energy. He bounced and played nonstop, chewed on everything, and had grave problems grasping the concept of potty training. Thankfully, that’s when we found Jesse. I’m not kidding; I think he has magic powers where dogs are concerned. He just seemed to understand Ralphie right away. Soon our pup was catching on to the potty training, sitting on command, chewing only on his toys, and walking nicely on leash. What a change! We’re going to keep working with Jesse, that’s for sure. We don’t want that magic to go away..” Ami Davies – Trafalgar

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